One word for ‘Kabir Singh’ trailer : WOW!

By Riya Paul

Though we have seen Telugu star Vijay Devarakonda in the same obsessive, suicidal, broken- heart- senior role, Shahid Kapoor leaves no stone unturned to get deep into the character’s skin. Proof is in the trailer, which will make you swoon over Shahid Kapoor all over again! Kiara Advani comes as the surprise package, aptly playing the shy girlfriend to Kabir Singh.

Even the crassness in language displayed in a MBBS campus appears appealing and Kapoor’s angry bird persona , along with Advani’s chemistry and mind blowing BGM sets the trailer on fire. On a sure shot  one would hit the replay button again just to see Kapoor stuffing himself with ice “down there”.

Both Shahid and Kiara have given the required measured expressions to their respective characters without going over the board or sounding cheesy – given that it would have been a huge possibility.

What’s your take on the trailer?