Eid is the time of bringing friends and family together: Imran Khan

In a world where everyone is running in order to strive for greatness, people often forget their loved ones and festivals are surely the way to bring them back together. Similar happened on this Eid which brought back together Imran Khan and few of his close friends.
Tv and films actor Imran Khan celebrated this eid with his loved ones and close friends and names of film and Tv industry namely Mohsin Khan, Khalid Siddique and Sajjad Khan who visited Imran for a party at Imran’s house. The 4 have been friends for long and reminisced about those days at the party.

“Eid is the time of bringing friends and family together and having all of them around at this time of the year is a celebration in itself. Me, Mohsin, Khalid, and Sajjad are very close friends and feel lucky to be celebrating Eid together. We usually meet each other regularly on sets but someone or the other is always missing. Eid has finally brought us all together and I’m sure the rejoicing has increased way more now for the festival amongst all of us. This year we decided to meet up at my place and have a bash in our traditional clothes because we rarely see each other like that. Hopefully next year we’d catch up at Khalid’s place in a similar way.” quoted Imran Khan on his festival plans

Imran has been a part of a lot of Bollywood movies some namely ‘The Legend of Bhagat Singh’, ‘Big Brother’, ‘Dil Toh Bacha Hai Ji’, ‘Heroine’ and  ‘Humse Hai Liife’, ‘Tara’, ‘Hero Uncle’, ‘Naagin’, ‘Beintehaa’, ‘Beyhadh’ being some of the TV shows he’s been a part of. He’s currently seen on Star Plus’s ‘Divya Drishti’.

“Along with Eid we were lucky to witness India and South Africa going against each other in the World Cup. Me being from Lucknow made them feast on Lucknowi delicacies and India winning was a bonus on Eid. Everyone went crazy on the win and we talked about how we used to watch such great games together. We still talk and cherish those memories because that’s what friends do. They help you create memories that would last forever and then later you get together to relive those memories and keep them alive. All of us being from the same professional field help us to maybe discuss the current on goings and our crafts with each other and maybe brew up some guy bonds. Eid has surely become memorable with having all of them around along with my family.” exulted the ‘Divya Drishti’ actor

Festivals are meant to bring happiness and prosperity for all and bringing loved ones and close ones together definitely make the auspicious occasion more special.