Elnaaz Norouzi’s dark secret!

Elnaaz loves fitness! And in between her heavy workouts she always looks for new ways to unwind. Today Elnaaz reveals to us a dark secret of relaxation… Her love for floating!

Elnaaz Norouzi, who is known for her character as Zoya Mirza, in the international television web series ‘Sacred Games’ on Netflix, produced by Anurag Kashyap and VikramadityaMotwane, was recently spotted at a surprisingly dark and dingy place. This has left her fans wondering what the Bollywoodglam queen is really up to.

Well, the actress has been shooting for the hectic schedule of the most awaited sequel of webseries Sacred Games. While many would find it stressful to manage hectic shoot and travel schedules in a rising career, this young actress has discovered her own secret hideaway to maintain her cool. The actress who is a regular at the gym has now found a place away from all the noise of the city, literally. She cuts herself completely off in a 20 sq ft sound-proof and pitch-dark room that has nothing but a hot pool inside, and then? She floats! Yes! You heard that right, she floats, and that for hours. Still confused? Don’t worry! We are going to break it down some more.

In this picture, she is seen relaxing and rejuvenating by taking up floating sessions in a sensory deprivation tank. Yes, the tank used in the web series Stranger Things does exist and has much more science to it in reality, unlike what you thought. It houses a 1-hour session inside a floating chamber with water that is 12 inches deep along with 1000 pounds of Epsom salts. Rich in magnesium, this helps alleviate headaches, body aches, muscle cramps and inflammation and a single soak isolates all her environmental stimuli and bodily sensation, further making her body float effortlessly and help calm her senses. So relax, there is no Upside-Down portal for Eleven to open up in this tank.

Elnaaz has often spoken about her own phases of depression and anxiety and believes that floating truly calms your mind. “Mental health is something we need to address more, and the same way we work out our bodies we must work out our minds. And that means give it resting phases, too. I’m so glad there are floating tanks in Mumbai now! I needed a place to completely shut off to keep my sanity in this crazy hectic city and industry.” We can understand that and are glad when actors take care of their mental health, in fact, we have a list of people we’d like to send for a float, too.