Interview with the brilliant Actress/Singer Palomi Ghosh

Palomi ghosh is a Versatile actor, a talented singer who made her mark with a Gollywood Goan-biopic Nachom-ia-Kumpasar, recieved National Film Award for her remarkable perfomance. Shares with us about her journey, her experience and future plans.

Firstly your film Nachom-ia-Kumpasar won 24 international, 3 national and 10 state awards, making it the most awarded konkani film. You also recieved national award. Tell us how did this happen to you and how has the journey been so far?
Intially it happened when I was auditioning for a part in konkani film, I knew nothing about it at the time. I went in and it was a musical so I tested for it and there was another play I was suppose to do around the same time, initially there was a possibilty that I may not do this film, there was a clash until a friend of mine Sameer sharma who insisted it’s a great project he helped me make up my mind. That’s how I got the film. Yeah it’s a special journey for life, it’s a special beginning. It really set the tone for me. Bardroy barreto who directed to film, it’s a 10 year long project for him, i guess it’s the fruit of that.

You have a beautiful voice. Your soundtracks from movie Helicopter Eela was appreciated. Have you ever thought of dropping an album anytime soon?             Yes I have! I am working on something right now. Me and a bright composer are working on a project, putting songs together. Hopefully the songs should be out soon. So musically also I’m trying my best to parallely do my music along side acting.

What has been the most challenging role you have ever done?
Honestly every role comes with it’s own challenges. I am not being diplomatic but it is very hard to say every journey is so different. Nachom-ia-Kumpasar had a different world, Mukti bhawan was so different about young girl getting out of college, talks about family. Typewriter is completely a different graph altogether which is a graph i am so grateful for. I am thankfull to Sujoy da that he thought of me for the part. Once you watch it you’ll get a clear picture.

Any actor or director you would love to work with?
Yes distinctively I must tell you this story about Sujoy Da. I had never met him before, I had only seen him at two occasion’s one at the coffee shop and I was so tempted to go up to him and say that I really want to work with you, but I was very shy. I really hoped to work with him one day. That was my wish amd the fact that I got a call for Typewriter and he thought about me is one of the most rewarding experiences.

How different was it for you to act in a movie and act in a webseries?
It is different as well as similar. At the ejd of the day you are following the graph of the character. Of course film have limited time and lesser number of days, Webseries allows you live the character much longer. And the way my character ‘Jenny’ was written by Sujoy Ghosh there’s so muxh explanation to do. It’s a blessing that I could play this character, it allowed me that much time.

Story behind landing a role in Monsoon Wedding?
There’s interesting story behind it. So Nachom-ia-Kumpasar was playing at New York Indian film festival and I went there
Just to have a look at the opening film. Mira Nair was one of the top directors I wanted to work with ever since I thought of becoming an actor. I knew that she was going to be there. I was praying she watches my film, she did. She really liked it and then we had a gala dinner where I got to sing a song. Thats where she asked me do you want to be in my Musical? I was overjoyed,I was up for it. So we did months of it and it’s literally another dream. It is strange but beautifully strange.