My reel life role model is Big B: Abhishivam Rishi

Who has been your inspiration?
Abhishivam Rishi: My inspiration would be Ranbir Kapoor who is a true blue punjabi and one of the finest actors. He is suave and is synonymous with eternal class and sophistication and i would like to have the same Ranbir Kapoor effect on my fans…
2)When did you realize that you are passionate about acting?
Abhishivam Rishi: I realized I was passionate about acting during my college days
3) You are a true Punjabi…given an opportunity will you like to work in punjabi movies or any other cinema?
Abhishivam Rishi: Like my facebook and Instagram profile mentions that I am an artist and art encompasses all languages, cultures and diversity so I will be happy to work in any form of cinema.
4) Who is your role model?
Abhishivam Rishi: In the real world my parents have always been my role model and in the reel world its Amitabh Bachchan