Vivan Bhatena talks about fatherhood

Vivan bhatena is an Indian film, webseries and television actor. He appears predominantly in Hindi films. He is extremely talented and good looking actor who won Mister India World Title in 2001.

How has fatherhood changed you?
You might have noticed my dark circles, not getting much sleep but it’s a very unique and beautiful experience, it’s a lot of growth in your personal life, I’m totally in love with my child. I spend a lot of time with her,and you as a person a lot of responsibilty comes into picture. You start thinking for the other person. Whatever selfish desires you have it just fades away. Luckily my wife is very supportive. My work requires me to travel for movies, for webseries, for shoots and I have ny own production so it become difficult to manage. But she does it I’m blessed to have a partner like that. Thanks.. You learn as you grow. I’m learning everyday and my baby is going to teach me a lot more.

Me too, Wolves of Bollywood, usually when we talk about Me too, bollywood spokesperson refuse to answer they avoid it. It’s commendable that you are actually doing a show like this, what are your thoughts about it?
This show released a little late for us unfortunately. Before the show came the subject was hot and It’s not about running away from anything because nobody can. I still believe in bollywood. We are surrounded by amazing beautiful talented people. There are lot of people who fire the gun on their shoulder and lot of people like to create buzz and noise based on the whole term of bollywood. It’s not limited to bollywood it happens everywhere industry or corporate. The show is basically for younger people to understand that there are few things you don’t have to do. You can pace your experience based on your talent itself, how good you look, how talented you are, how good of a singer you are, how good of a actor you are or dancer whatever it may be please stick to your gun. Take a long way, take a road high less traveled or as they say the hard path. Put in the work because it takes time. It took me 23 years to be where I’m today. Starting from modeling to Mtv to theatre, television, film and I’m doing everything now. That’s what it takes in the industry.