If a girl wears a hijaab,then why can’t she write cool lyrics and rap about them: Goldie Behl.

By Riya Paul

ZEE5 is all set to unleash their latest web series titled Rejctx (pronounced ‘rejects’) on 25th of July. Based on the story of seven Indian students studying in a global school the show deals with the perspective of ‘ GenZ ‘.On the occasion of the series’ music launch Bollywodwallah catches up with the director and producer of the show, Goldie Behl.

Q: You started majorly with films like ‘Bas Itna saa Khwab ‘ and ‘Drona’ and now you have your own series. How has the transition been for you?

GB: Honestly, it’s more about moving on with time. First films and when television came we catered to it and currently it’s the time for the digital space. So as the time and technology changes it becomes more about adapting to the changing environment.

Q: What inspired you to come up with this particular theme ,the ‘Gen -Z ‘, in the first place?

GB : Actually if we notice it has been a long time since a series or any show came with the theme which displayed and encapsulated today’s kids – the way they dress, lifestyle, the way of thinking, the way they feel about everything. Apart from that, I myself have a fourteen years old child and a sixteen years old nephew and I do happen to get a first hand look into their respective lives – it is so drastically different from our times. I personally got to learn a lot from them and I was able to put it up on the screen.

Q: You have had the responsibility of launching seven new faces here. How challenging it was for you to guide them ?

GB: Yes it was quite a responsibility. More of a challenge for me specifically and less for them. In order to make them understand the process and guide them I myself had to go back to basics and start from the scratch – and that was quite difficult especially when you have already worked with established artists and professionals from the industry. Guiding them was a new experience for me too – I felt like a newcomer myself.

Q: Clearly, this is a series with multiple characters of various shades. How did you decide upon which actor would play which particular role?

GB: Oh yes, fortunately I had my casting director (Priyata Dixit) who is very strict and an absolute professional when it comes to her work. In fact, our actors who are in their current roles had initially auditioned for other characters. Though we didn’t take much time it was a lot of trial and error and then we finally decided who would play whom.

Q:Based on the trailer the series has been compared to the acclaimed Norwegian web series ‘Skam’ (English : Shame), especially between the characters of ‘Sehmat’ and ‘Sana’. What is your reaction on this speculation?

GB: Frankly, it might be a famed show but it’s the first time I have ever heard about ‘Skam’. There may or may not be similarities because ever since the trailer launch I have heard the comparison with the film ‘ Gully Boy’ ,  the sitcom ‘Riverdale’ and many more theories but frankly it isn’t yet at the same time you would find familiarity theme wise. That’s because we are dealing with the same genre. All I want to express is if a girl is in hijaab then why can’t she write cool lyrics and rap about it ? Whether someone else has done it before or not is not my area of concern. The major difference however is for the first time the actors are of Indian origin who are put in a very globalised scenario – that is an international School, where they are Indian students among the students of other nationalities. This, the story shows that particular atmosphere and exposure. It is not about Koreans or Scandinavians or Americans – it is about Indians studying at a global institution located outside India – that is Singapore

Q: The title of the series, rather the way it’s put is very catchy. What made you decide on it?

GB: If you observe this is the way today’s crowd communicates, even the way words are spelt and even branded. The vowels are dropped to make it seem unique or rather an ‘X’ factor is added – it is just a way of expressing that though they are the so called rejects, they are people who can’t be ignored. I am talking to a totally new generation so I have got to spell like them – in the end the very title of the series has given the exact attitude I wanted it to have

Q: A few words on your other upcoming collaborations and projects.

GB: I would hopefully like to do a second season for the show. Other than this we are collaborating with MX Player as well. If all goes well we would announce them soon.