In conversation with the beautiful and talented actress Rakul Preet

Rakul is a beautiful and talented actress, model who works predominantly in Tamil and Telegu Film Industry. She currently the brand ambassador for Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao program in telengana state.

How important it is for you to look glamorous?
Well if you’re in a glamour industry, looking glamorous is quite important. But i feel what is the definition of Glamorous? Whatever your wearing and it is in your comfort zone and you own it you’ll stylish, glamorous and fashionable.

Are there any days when you think that I won’t do make up today?
Yes everyday unless I’m shooting. If you look at me off duty paps, I barely would have makeup and I think thats the way I am. I don’t like makeup that much if I am not working.

Rakul back to back you’ve been endorsing, making films are responsibilties more now?
I feel blessed that I am working and to increase responsibility I started working. Who likes to sit free and call themselves an actor. I feel very very blessed if there is lot of work then well and good. I’m very thankful that I have gotten this opportunity. Nobody is forcing me to do the work that I do and I live for my work and my twitter header says build a life that you don’t need a vacation from.

How does Rakul like to carry herself in the rain
Rakul likes to run away from the rain.

What are your upcoming projects
In hindi Marjawan is releasing and have signed another film which I will announce soon which will start in december and in telegu I have release coming out with Nag sir and I am doing Shankar sir’s film in tamil. I am very excited because Shankar sir is huge. It’s a lovely opportunity for me. I’m very thankful that I got to work with him.

Thought on Nepotism
I am not here to break or make anything. I am here to make a good career for myself. I want to do credible films, I want to do good films. I have always believed ki blame game khelo ki Nepotism hain ya phir kaam karlo. At the end of the day only if you good you sustain in the industry and thats been seen in the last few years. So you really need to have the hardwork and if you have less of a talent you can put in hardwork and learn. If you have no positive thoughr or no self confidence then you can just play the blame game that nepotism is prevailing.