Karan Johar feels emotional and proud hoisting the Indian flag in Melbourne

As the cinephiles celebrated the magic of National Award Winning film Bulbul Can Sing, the opening night film at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne; the next morning desis from all over the city gathered at Federation Square to see Karan Johar hoisting the Indian tricolour. This annual honour is given to on major Indian celebrity to hoist the national flag ahead of the Independence Day of India.

Talking about the unique experience , Johar said, “The IFFM has really been a force to reckon with. Over the last decade it has garnered such love and appreciation. I have been to multiple festivals but this one has all the heart that comes from all the people here in Melbourne. More power to inclusiveness. This has been an exceptionally emotional moment. Coming here and hoisting our national flag made me feel all the love all of us have for our great country. We stand tall as proud Indians. India is about all of our beating hearts. It’s not just a country but an emotion which stands tall with courage, conviction and resilience. India is not just a land on the global arena, it’s a force. Thank you for all the love to our cinema and country”.