Shehnaaz Gill has a special request for host Salman Khan

Staying in the house of Bigg Boss is certainly not for the faint hearted. The daunting tasks and inhouse politics make this show truly the survival of the fittest. While some manage to deal with the everyday chaos, Shehnaaz Gill seems to be done with dealing with her longing troubles. In the recent clip of Unseen Undekha exclusively on VOOT, She is seen sharing her vows with inmates Asim Riaz and Siddharth Shukla.

Frustrated with the antics of the house Shehnaaz says “Wohi chez baar baar suna padta hai mujhe so please don’t involve me, I’m fed up of all this things”. Azim interrupts trying to correct her saying ‘All this shit’ to which she replies “All these things, thoda sa status maintain”. Azim asks her if she wants to say this to someone to which Shehnaaz says ‘Salman Sir”Preparing for what she plans to tell Host Salman Khan, Shehnaaz goes on to say ‘Sir please, English mien bolungi. Sir please don’t take my name any Saturday, Sunday cause everybody’s in trouble and I face a lot of problems after the episode ends so I don’t want to suffer”.

She mentions of requesting Salman Khan to call her and imitates her anticipated reaction from Salman Khan, “I will call you later and we’ll talk and I want to listen Shehnaaz again and again”. Shehnaaz seems to have quite a plea to host Salman Khan, we anticipate and can’t stop wondering as to what his reaction will be!

Witness what Shehnaaz has to say to Salman Khan about her troubles in the Bigg Boss House on Unseen Undekha exclusively only on VOOT