Aarti Singh doesn’t want to marry in the industry

 The house of Bigg Boss S13 is definitely suffocating and tight, but the contestants are stern on winning. Looks like theses celebrities already share a close bond and can decide for each other.

In a recent conversation Aarti Singh, Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Shenaaz Gill were spotted talking about their future while putting up their make-up.  Aarti initiates and tells Devoleena about a writer who had a crush on her and the conversation suddenly takes a swift turn as she starts describing the image of her  Mr. Perfect.


“Meko lagta hai tere liye na aise family type insaan perfect honge.” Says Devoleena to Aarti to which she agrees and says, “Tere liye bhi.” The conversation deepens as Aarti says, “Mujhe nuclear family mai nahi rehna. Mujhe saas sasur chaaiye.” Devoleena disagrees to this and says, “Mere liye zyada hojaega.”


Shenaaz butts in the conversation and says, “Mujhe chhaiye sirf main aur mera husband.” Well, we are not surprised Shenaaz. Are we?


Aarti immeditaley reacts and says, “Bas Isii baat mei main sabse alag hoon.” She further explains how she wants to share a close bond with her future father in-law and says, “Mere bahot mann karta hai shaadi ho. Aur bacchon ki craving hoti hai mujhe. Koi bhi relationship aaj tak shaadi main convert nahi hua. But main industry main shaadi nahi karungi. Meko business wale se karni hai.” So all the business men aligned for Aarti Singh, here’s your chance.


Devoleena futher says, “Tere liye sorted insaan bahot zaroori hai.” Looks like Devoleena is all set to be Aarti’s wingwoman.


Aarti Singh – the soft hearted diva has perfectly described her Mr. Perfect and has shared the minutest details. So all the single business men, looks like she’s ready for some wedding bells. Catch these saucy revelations by housemates on Unseen Undeka on VOOT.