Five reasons to watch Chhapaak


Deepika Padukone playing a deglam role – It takes guts to play a deglam role especially if you are an actress who has been revered and seen as one of the most desirable and beautiful actresses on screen. Deepika deserves a pat on her back for opting to play a role which requires her to shed make up and put on the face of an acid attack victim. This is a symbolic in itself for it gives the strong message that beauty is only skin deep.

Real life story – At a time when women are becoming the centre of some vicious attacks at the hands of men in our society, this movie proposes to show that harsh reality of acid attack that has scarred many women in past. The story of Chhapaak will make one sit up and take note of the trials and tribulations of an acid attack victim.

Meghna Gulzar direction – Meghna Gulzar sure knows how to weave a compelling narrative. It would be interesting to see how Meghna has directed Deepika to make sure the story and acting make for a compelling watch.

Love story – When we hear of acid attack victims, we seldom think about an endearing and beautiful love story. This movie is not just about shock value, it is also about hope and empowerment. How an acid attack victim didnt allow the greatest tragedy of her life to sink her. How she rose from the ashes like Phoneix and went ahead to find romance, love and a caring partner which can act as a beacon of hope for score of other acid attack victims.

Vikrant Massey and Deepika Padukone jodi – It is an unusual pairing but a beautiful one. Both are brilliant actors and it would be interesting to see how they bring alive on screen the real life love story of Laxmi Agarwal.