Good Newwz – Kareena Kapoor talks about her film & reveals plan of opening her official fan page

The room was replete with journalists from different media publications. All seats were taken and there was hardly any space left in the spacious and finely designed office inside Saif-Kareena’s palace residence in Mumbai. There was a sudden hush the moment Kareena walked in. Wearing minimal make up and looking as radiant as ever, the actress was warm and effusive while greeting the assembled journalists. She greeted one and all enquired about a female journalist’s new born’s well being and even complimented another expecting female scribe for working through her pregnancy. As Kareena settled into her throne size chair, what followed next was a free wheeling chat about her upcoming release Good Newwz, her blue eyed son, Taimur and plans of opening her own fan page.

On Good Newwz

Kareena says Good Newwz is a very entertaining film and slots it as a dramedy – a mix of comedy and drama. She says it revolves around the topic of IVF and has been written and shot in an entertaining way which will engage audience. To look like a pregnant woman, Kareena and Kiara wore special pregnancy stomach made from prosthetics and there were different shapes of prosthetic stomachs made to showcase three, six and nine months. Kareena says though the film’s plot starts with sperm getting exchange, the actress emphasises that the film will stand on its head in the second half. Kareena says she has a pwoerful monologue in the film where she explains to Akshay’s character what women go through.

Kareena to open her own official social media page

There will be an official page which I’ll do at some point. It will be run by somebody, but it won’t be me. I won’t be running it. It will be officially about my work, information about my projects, but no personal things. One or two pictures will come out sometime like Saif and me on family holiday, so it will have that. But nothing more than that- said Kareena

Does Kareena have a pseudo social media account like Saif?

Saif has it and I have also told him to follow Viral and Manav. He forget sometimes and then he will be like, ‘how do I go? How do I see?’ He calls me randomly asks such questions. I always tell him to go their accounts and see. Then I’m like ‘leave it Saif, I’ll send you.’ He depends on me. He is like, ‘I want to see my picture. I don’t want to see anybody else’s – said Kareena. When asked if she has a pseudo account, Kareena smiled and said that I am not going to tell you.

Taimur’s birthday plans

We are going to be here. I’ll be promoting the film and Saif is here. We will spending time with the family. He will have a small little get together with 8-10 of his friends. He definitely has demanded two cakes and not one. He is a Kapoor (laughs). He is like, ‘I want two cakes. One Santa and one hulk’. I said, ‘why two?’, he is like ‘two’.