John Abraham unveils Hindi Braille book, Karma Sutra – Cracking the Karmic Code

By: Marita Pinto
On the occasion of the United Nations Braille Day, John Abraham, Brand Ambassador to  the National Association for the Blind (NAB) in India, unveiled the Hindi Braille Edition of the book, Karma Sutra – Cracking the Karmic Code at Le Sutra – the world’s first Indian art hotel.

Authored by Hingori, Karma Sutra, the first in a series of four books from Hingori Sutras Publishers, explains the Indian doctrine of Karma and serves as a DIY (do-it-yourself) manual for those who want to harness the invaluable wisdom of spiritual masters. If this book is lived in practice, it can serve as a tool to carve a better future in this lifetime andearn the karmic wealth that will command one’s ethereal status after death.

At the event John spoke about his parents telling him to always donate. “My parents told me once that if even if you have hundred rupees in your pocket you should still donate a certain proportion to the society, if not financially then by organizing events for the differently abled”said John.
On the occasion of Braille day, John also told us how it is important to support and encourage people who are differently abled. “We don’t know how much pain and problems they are going through so it is important to support social causes and to be consistent in supporting it,” said John.
John also had a message to all the people facing challenges in their life. “Fight and never give up ! Fight everyday in your life because if you have self belief and self conviction, you will make it and this isn’t only for the differently abled people but everyone out there,” said John.
John who has been working with the National Association for blind for many years also thanked the media for supporting this cause. John said,”Media is the most active way to reach out to the people, it is good to see media coming here at such an event and supporting the cause.”