Bhoot Part One: The Haunted Ship Review – Two Stars

By: Sonup

A horror films success depends on the tension it builds up right from the very outset. The jumpscares and spine chilling moments should reach a crescendo as it reaches the climax. The film becomes a winner only and only if the climax has the audience sweating and gasping for breath. Unfortunately, Bhoot Part One: The Haunted Ship misses its mark by a mile and abandons horror right at the end to turn into an emotional drama.

The movie starts well creating the elements of spookiness and suspense that sets the tone for film. However the film loses its steam when it takes far too long to establish the backstory and unravelling the suspense mystery behind the haunting of the abandoned ship.
The BGM in the first half keep the tension mildly hanging while Vicky scourges the interiors of the ship but truth be told apart from three good scenes, there is nothing scary about the film in the first half. The second half delves into establishing the story behind the ship getting abandoned and in the process horror takes a backseat. The silly climax ruins the film making it a completely average affair.
Vicky is decent in his role as a shipping officer and performs well in scenes that need horror to be portrayed. But his role hasn’t been fleshed out well enough. There should have been far greater sequences of him stranded inside the ship and being terrorised by the ghost who walks inside. There are no other notable names in the starcast apart from Ashutosh Rana who has been competelt wasted. Many scenes looked half baked and abrupt.
What could have been a solid premise for building excellent horror, this Bhoot franchise turned out to be a watered down version. You are certainly not going to lose sleep after viewing this one. I will give this film two stars out of five.