I am made for singing, not acting : Guru Randhawa

By: Shreya Nair
Indian-pop singer Guru Randhawa was in his elements when he appeared for the launch of ‘Surma Surma ‘ at the swanky new office of T-series. The new song features Randhawa himself and it is an international collaboration with Jay Sean. Now that’s a treat for all Randhawa and Sean fans.

With every song, Randhawa has been raising his bar and also his brand value in the music market. Shooting for the latest number also presented a lot of challenges in itself. But it was not just  difficult times that Guru on sets. There were also many some beautiful memories that made shootingbthe song a pleasurable experience.
When a scribe referred to Diljit Dosanjh’s transformation from singing to acting amd if Guru is following the same route, the singer said, ” No. I’m made for singing not for acting. If later time permitts then I will definitely try.”
Guru was also asked about his future collaborations with international artist and he said, “More  songs and albums are going to come in upcoming time.”