Sobhita Dhulipala trolled for lying about magazine photoshoot

Sobhita Dhulipala got heavily trolled when an Instagram user exposed her blatant lies. Sobhita claimed that she had shot herself on her phone using self timer. however the instagram user posted a picture of a man in white t shirt clicking Sobhita while she was posing.

 Sobhita issued a clarification on her Instagram feed that read:

“Quite a few people have written to me about the image I last posted. It is upsetting and I am little taken aback by how urgently many have jumped to unkind conclusions, this is also a moment for me to learn something deeper.

I stand by the flow of events I’m sharing with complete transparency:

  1. I style myself, go to the terrace with a coffee mug and a couple of tools to prop up my phone to take pictures.
  2. There are people on the terrace and one kind gentleman upon learning that I’m trying to shoot my pictures, offers help.
  3. After he graciously shoots a few pictures in the frame I wanted, I thank him and we depart.

Neither was the picture shot by him used by Cosmopolitan (It doesn’t belong with the magazine’s mandate) nor am I anything but proud of this wonderful collaboration with the magazine.