Jupiter’s Legacy – Review by Kavya Pillai – Two Stars

Jupiter’s Legacy

“It’s a story not an Instagram reel”

Premiered on the 7th of May on Netflix, Jupiter’s Legacy created by Steven S. De Knight is a Sci-fi, Superhero Action series. Based on comic books by the same name penned by Mark Miller and Frank Quitely, the show brings alive the story of the first-generation Superhero whose children need to now continue their legacy.  True to its title Jupiter’s Legacy the series leaps back and forth between the past and the present.

The show fails to excite viewers in the first two episodes owing to its slow build up, but sure does begin to establish a plot moving past episode three. It begins with a glimpse of the first-generation superhero Sheldon Sampson known to the world as the utopian choosing his superhero moral duty over being a father to his children. This explains the reason why his kids Chloe and Brandon have pretty drifted relationship with the father, where one turns out to be a rebel and the other is in perennial pursuit of love and respect from their father.

It seems like two parallel stories, the past set in the time of the great depression and present set in the era of social media but the narrative of the past merely exists to justify the actions and characters of the present and try to answer the not so often asked question of ‘how it all began?’

Jupiter’s Legacy takes ample references from several shows and movies such as Lost, Avengers and Indiana Jones when it comes to the mise-en-scene and fight sequences. Overall, the show has potential to grow on you provided season two picks up the pace.