Nayattu – Malayalam film review by Shreya Nair – Four Stars ****

By: Shreya Nair

It won’t be too incorrect to say Malayalam film industry today churns out the best content driven cinema in India. Nayattu is yet another offering that simply highlights the strong storytelling talent of Malayali filmmakers, Shahi Kabir in the current case being the writer of this film. Directed by the skilled Martin Prakkat, Nayattu ably establishes how even policemen are nothing but mere pawns in the big dirty game of politics who can be sacrificed at the behest of powerful politicians for votebank politics. But more than the eye-opening moral of the story, it is the way it is narrated that is pleasing to the eye.

Staying true to its name, Nayattu showcases a different kind of hunt wherein the hunters are being hunted by their own ilk in the film. The chase given by the Kerala state police hot on heels of two policemen and a female police officer who are on the run after being wrongly implicated in a case is replete with tense and thrilling moments that will keep audience on tenterhooks. The terrific cinematography of Shyju Khalid expertly captures the omnipresent tension experienced by all three police officers as well as the state police machinery who are under immense pressure from the CM (played brilliantly by Jaffer Idduki). The locations used in the film also enhance the storytelling giving the narrative a raw and real feel.

Acting is another department where Malayalam cinema has aced every single time and the story is no different with Nayattu as well. Joju George, Kunchacko Boban and Nimisha Sajayan. You could well be forgiven for thinking these three are cops in real life. Such is their acting prowess on display in the film. Lending great support to the primary starcast are Yama Gilgamesh and late Anil Nedumangad.

Watch it with your family to get blown away by the sheer brilliance of Malayalam films yet again.

Rating: Four stars ****