What Salman Khan has to say about Radhe and Drugs

By: Nikhita Iyer

Salman Khan’s Radhe is all set to be released on 13th May. In the film, the macho superstar will be seen a playing a cop trying to rid Mumbai of its drug menace. Along with entertainment, Salman promises to send a good to his viewers through this film against substance abuse.

Addressing this matter, Salman says that drugs has been a problem for a long time. “I have always been against drugs. Here, people are misusing it. We have nieces and nephews who might get influenced”.

Salman also spoke about the effect drugs has on human body. “As soon as you take it, you are done. Your body and mind both will want it so you have to be ten times stronger”. Salman also expressed that not everyone will have the strength to do that and how families get destroyed in the loop of this vicious poison- drugs. “In Radhe we have touched upon this subject. A man who goes on to clean up the city ,” said Salman before signing off.