Eden – Japanese anime series review – Five stars

By: Sarah Hodekar

If you’re an anime lover, make sure you don’t miss out on Netflix’s new Japanese anime series- Eden. Created and directed by Justin Leach, the story portrays a world where human existence has been wiped out long ago. The world is beautiful and has been taken over by robots . Human existence has been condemned. Amidst the sci-fi city of Eden, two apple-picker robots come across an infant called Sara Grace. In the pursuit of bringing her up, they leave the city and move to a safer place where they can take care of Sara.
Growing up, Fiery red haired Sara comes to find out that she isn’t the only human on the planet . She sets out on a mission to find more people like her. What will happen when Zero, the vicious, mankind-hater Master Robot will come to find out about her existence? Watch this Japanese awe-inspiring series on Netflix to find out.

Eden is a 4 episode series with 25 mins per episode. It is a lively and heartwarming series based on a dystopian world, depicting the life of Sara and the adventures with her robot friends. The animation used is splendid with excellent graphics. The cast and the voice over is equally phenomenal. Also, this series can be a good start for someone who isn’t into anime but wants to try watching it once. Overall, this is one of the series that you shouldn’t miss out on!

Rating: 5/5