Mare of Easttown Review – Four stars

By: Kavya Pillai

Kate Winslet led Mare of Easttown on Hotstar is the kind of good show that does not come around too often. Kate Winslet as Mare Sheehan the detective is trying to solve a no leads murder case, while barely holding on to her life at home. Mare, a woman toughened up through experiences, has a hard core do not give a damn attitude for things that waste her time. Her mistakes and raw emotions only make you love her more.

The series is set in your typical small town where everyone knows each other, and is portrayed in grey, it-is-what-it-is tones. In the first episode you are introduced to the case of a missing girl that has dispensed a whole year of investigation only to lead to dead ends. The whole community is pressuring the police department for answers.

Mare just can’t get a break, even at home which is lived in by her mother, daughter and grandson with ex-husband as her neighbour. As viewers you primarily follow Mare but spectate other characters running parallel to the story such as, Mare’s daughter Siobhan played to perfection by Angouie Rice.

Episode six, the last episode released till date is left on a shocking cliff-hanger making fans of the show eager and madly curious to know more.

Mare of Easttown hits the nail when it comes to acting, fine direction, strong premise and good old engaging story. Hoping the show’s creators maintain the quality experience in the forthcoming episode as well.