Abhay Deol makes his Disney debut as a father to a teenage girl in Spin

We have all heard about actors getting typecast in the entertainment industry for certain kinds of roles. Some get insecure while there are some like Abhay Deol who dare to experiment. In the upcoming Disney International HD along with Disney+ Hotstar Premium, DJ-powered Disney Channel Original Movie “Spin”, Abhay will be seen playing a father to a teenage girl Rhea played by Avantika.

Abhay who has always embraced variety and quality over quantity will be seen as an extremely supportive Indian American dad. Talking about him playing a dad to a young girl in the movie, director Manjari Makijany shares, “I feel Abhay is the one to sort of experiment with his roles. If there is anybody who would play it naturally and still be a cool father it would be Abhay Deol. It wasn’t very difficult to convince him to play this part as he is very welcoming to newer roles and experiments.”

When asked about accepting the role and not having any qualms in playing a father to a teenage girl Abhay said, “I have played a father to a five-year-old before so I’m not insecure. I still get offered roles ranging from the early 30s to 40s. So, if something speaks for me I will do it. I love the fact that I can play a young guy and an older guy. And so I don’t say no to it, it’s fine for me to do these roles. I rather do what I am doing and embrace it rather than denying it.”

A Independence Day special, “Spin” will premiere at 12 pm on Disney