Meet our face of the week – The beautiful Keshui Upadhyaya

Keshui Upadhyaya from Bareilly is our face of the week. Here is an exclusive conversation with this 20 year old beauty.

 How did modelling happen?

At first, I was not into modelling but it was my sister who encouraged me to try it and after listening to her suggestion I entered into a Pageants. Mr & Miss Royal Brand Ambassador was my first ever pageant which I won and from there, my journey as a model started. I came to know that I have a talent that I never discovered earlier and now I am here to polish it and become a better version of myself.

How has your journey as a model been till now?

My journey as a model has been filled with ups and downs that I never thought of. There were times when I was not able to identify myself because of the changes I was going through and there were times when I was enjoying my life in a way that I never had. All around my journey was an eye-opener for me and I cherish it because it helps me in many ways.

What are the different pageants you have been a part of till now? How have the experiences been?

I have been part of two pageants, one was Mr and Mrs. Royal brand Ambassador, second was Zeon production presents Mr. Miss India. I won the first pageant and was the second runner-up in the second pageant. The knowledge that I got from both these Pageants was nice and I got to learn many things from it like the attitude that I carry today and the positivity I have is because of the journey I had and from the day when I was not a model till present date, I have seen the changes I have gone through and somehow or somewhere these two pageants played a big role for me.

How has your training experience with Ritika Ramtri been? 

So my training experience with Ritika Maam has been fabulous because I got to learn many things. She’s so adorable and she’s so understanding plus whenever we are doing something wrong she always motivates us and help us become our best versions. So for me, my experience is certainly great and I love the time that I am investing in my training.

What are the positives and negatives of being a model?

When I talk about the positive aspects of modelling I feel like you get a chance to express yourself through photoshoots, you get chances to enhance your activities through shoots. Like if you are someone who loves modelling it’s the place where you belong. And if I were to talk about the negative side of Modelling, I feel there is no negative side. It’s the people in the industry who makes it negative because there are people out there who are ready to exploit you, who are ready to take your money and let you go bankrupt so you need to be very careful as there will be both good and bad people in the industry. But it will always be you who gets to choose so you just need to be careful.

Who is your fashion inspiration and why?

It’s Priyanka Chopra since I’ve seen the journey she had witnessed and the pride she is today and whenever I listen to her interviews and her journey I feel so inspired because she always tells about how difficult and how easy things can be and how you can be the person you have always dreamt of. That’s why it’s always Priyanka Chopra who will be my fashion inspiration.

What’s your beauty secret?

For me, my beauty secret is enhancing my natural beauty and taking care of my skin and hair in its best manner. Plus I try to be a natural person who is fun-loving and who is confident in her skin which somehow enhances my beauty.

What are your future plans?

I want to be a model and actor and it’s been my dream since childhood so I am going to pursue my dreams.