Meet Archita Naik – The young Tiara beauty with brains all set to represent India at Miss Heritage World.

She is sassy, beautiful, confident and well spoken. All of 23, Tiara girl Archita Naik is all set to represent India at Miss Heritage World. A protege of Ritika Ramtri’s renowned pageant training studio, Archita talks to us about her modeling and acting aspirations.
How did modeling happen?
As a child I was always inquisitive about different Indian cultures. I had neighbours from different parts of India which gave me an opportunity to learn more various Indian cultures. Slowly this love for culture made me gravitate towards creative arts and dance formed one of my earliest passions. I also used to love being on stage. Growing up, I wanted to explore more of theatre. In college I was an active participant in theatres. After I graduated I was inclined towards being in front of camera and got drawn towards acting. Modelling is something I have been experimenting with lately. It is a field where you wear something and become something.
How are your preparations for Miss Heritage World coming along?
My preparations are coming along nicely. This is my first international beauty pageant. I aim to make our country proud. I have put in a lot of hard work and effort.
How has your pageant training at Tiara under the guidance of Ritika Ramtri helped you?
Pageant needs confidence, belief in yourself and a personality that could spread positive influence. One should keep oneself abreast with current affairs and engage in social activities and then ofcourse there is ramp walk and modeling. All these are taught at Tiara by Ritika maam. She gives us intense training in how to walk in evening gowns, cocktail dress and all other nuances of pageantry including personality development , Q & A rounds, interviews and even photoshooots are also done by Riitka maam and they come out really well. It is an extensive and in depth training module. austive. We get an in depth analysis of our personality and what we are good at and the areas where we can improve. It is a conducive environment for learning. It has changed my life for the better and all credit goes to Ritika maam.
Who is inspiration as far as fashion goes?
As far as fashion goes, I like something that is organic and from where we come from. So there is a deep seated love in my mind for handlooms and things that are made here in India. One of my favourite designers is Sabyasachi and his style of creating indigenous handloom and fabric is something that I like. He captures the essence of cour country so very well.
Acting is on your mind as well. What kind of roles would you like playing on screen in future?
I am currently training in FTII. As an actor, I would like to do roles which portray various sections of our society. As an actor it is very important to be in touch with your own self and the world around yoy.Actor should empathise with people and incorporate it in their own lives to create a rainbow of roles. In that sense I am open to new methods of acting something that would challenge me. We are living in very interesting times and the kind of roles women play in our society is very dynamic and I would like to incorporate that as well. Currently I am keeping my options open and have started taking lessons in Tamil. I would like to be a flexible actor and go wherever I get my calling from.
Any favourite directors in your wishlist who you would love to work with and favourite actors?
I really like director – Ram Reddy’s realistic films. Among popular directors, I am an admirer of genius filmmakers Mani Ratnam and Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Among actors, I really look up to Shabana Azmi and Smita patil. They are my inspirations. I had once the opportunity to interact with Shabana ji which was life changing.
As an actress, who would you like to romance onscreen?
(Blushes) I would love to romance Prabhas and Dulquer Salman.