Meet Brunda Yerra – Miss Teen Universe India 2022

A big congratulations to the bright, beautiful and brilliant Brunda Yerra for winning the coveted title of Miss Teen Universe India at the recently concluded Miss Teen Diva 2022. All of 16, Brunda exudes grace and intellect beyond her age and walks the ramp with the confidence befitting a Queen. All of 16, Brunda moved to India from USA two years ago with her mother and brother(her father works in USA). “Moving here to India has been an absolutely amazing experience for me and that is how I got into pageantry when I walked for my first every show in Kerala.”

For Brunda, walking the ramp is very liberating. ” I love the entire feeling of walking on the ramp. It is very empowering. It is actually a great confidence booster as well. To walk on a stage in front of a power packed audience really boosts your confidence.”

While the crown sits pretty on her head today, the journey for the same started six months back for Brunda. “I started my preparations for Miss Teen Diva 6 months ago and over the course of these many months I have learnt a lot about myself and the industry in general. I did have many butterflies in my stomach but the profession demands that you appear confident because only that will help you ultimately.”

To groom herself further and secure her chances of winning the crown, Brunda decided to learn and train with the best in the industry – Eminent Pageant coach Ritika Ramtri who also happens to be India’s 1st beauty pageant coach. “As a finalist at Miss Diva, I needed to learn from the best. Therefore I enrolled with Ritika maam at Tiara and the experience has been a very fabulous one. I learnt so much from her. Right from my ramp walk to how to speak, she has been instrumental in moulding me into what I am today. My personality has developed as well. The whole experience at Tiara has been an eyeopener and I am so happy that I got to train with Ritika maam.”

Ask Brunda what’s the best thing about her personality and pat comes her reply. “I am very approachable. If you see me in a room with a lot of people, you will feel comfortable coming and talking to me. I have had a lot of DMs on Instagram where people have been asking me questions about the pageant and they are like – Oh we have seen you on the Instagram page and you are so approachable – and they keep asking me for advice. So basically I am a fun person to be around. Also I believe in always giving my 200 percent into whatever I do and at the end of the day I come out very confident and I think that is a huge plus about my personality.”

Brunda counts Gigi Hadid and Zendaya as her inspirational figures as she has always been told by many that her features match these two stalwarts. For now Brunda is all set to firmly cement her footsteps in the modeling and pageantry world. “I want my foot in this industry. It is so empowering and there is always something to learn. No matter whatever I do I want to continue inspiring people in whatever way I can, ” emphasizes Brunda before signing off.