Meet Vaishnavi Wadaje – A talented new actor & newly crowned Miss Iron Maiden at Miss Thane 2022

Vaishanvi Wadaje is a cool combination of beauty with brains. This young actor who has just started her journey in the film industry was recently crowned Miss Iron Maiden at Miss Thane 2022. In an exclusive conversation with Bollywoodwallah, Vaishnavi opens up about her journey and future goals.

1. Tell us a little bit about your journey. How did modeling and acting happen?

I’m Vaishnavi Wadaje and I’m 24yrs only. To brief you about my little progress, I’m an engineering graduate and currently pursuing MBA specializing in finance which has led me into writing financial content writing for leading Finance daily newspaper. While in the lockdown in late 2021 there was a spark of self realisation that made me question if I really like what career I’m in right now. But the fact that I was asking that question to myself was a proof that I wasn’t enjoying myself doing what I doing. After deep intervention it struck me that I always loved the art of acting and I always used to watch movies and analyze them. Without wasting any time, I enrolled myself in an acting school which was Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares. Only 5 months back I started circulating my portfolio and networked a lot by giving multiple auditions and bagged my 1st Ad project in March’22 . Since then I’ve done various advertisement projects for leading brands like Tanishq, Linkedin, Amazon mini TV ,short film by pocket film production and so on. Now talking about modelling that was never an option for me as I do not fit the height criteria and was never my area of focus. Although I came across this beautiful initiative of SP Miss Thane where there was no height criteria which was a big opportunity for me and I grabbed it asap. It was all about #BreakingStereotype.
I immediately registered and gave the auditions for the same and got selected in the top 16 out of 50-60 contestants🙈

2. How was the experience of participating in Miss Thane?

I had the best experience throughout the journey of Miss Thane. It was a very big platform to participate in and was beautifully organized by Heramb Athreya and Sangamitra Pandey. They took the event to another level and provided us with a rich experience of how’s it’s like to be a professional Model. All my fellow contestants were from different walks of like yet so confident. Many of us were not models, this was our first hand experience. And now we’re no less than a model (laughs). We were trained by the supremely intelligent and talented Ms. Amardeep Kaur Syan ma’am who is Miss Femina Gujurat 2017. She trained and groomed us for 15 day in various aspects like ramp walking, personality development, etiquettes and self confidence. She was out biggest motivator and treated us with utmost care. She filled us up with confidence. I was fortunate enough to a part of this! I’ll forever cherish this experience!

3. Describe the feeling when you won Miss Iron Maiden title?

For Miss Iron maiden title we all were taken to Gold’s Gym for brand visit and we were made to do some exercises and the gym trainers marked us upon that. I thought I had done well but I was not sure as all the girls were fit enough to win it! On the day of the Finale when I was announced as Miss Iron Maiden I was equally shocked and elated at the same time. All my hardwork in keeping myself fit from proper dieting to going to gym regularly has finally got me the results and I’m very happy about it!!

4. What are your future plans as far as acting goes. What kind of roles are you looking for?

I want to make my Career in acting only here on. I’m very serious about it and I keep working for it day in and day out without thinking about the results much because I believe that you should work hard without caring about the end result and one day or the other you’ll fetch the results. I’ve come this far from being a stage fearing girl to performing in front of so many people, I trust in myself that I can go far beyond from here also. As far as the roles are concerned ,at this moment I’m open for all the opportunities that come my way and I’ll put my 100% in it. But if give a choice I’ll to play characters who thrilling in nature and also who can depict real life characters of a common man.
Funny roles also interests me a lot!!

5. What is your fitness routine?

From being an overweight girl with disturbed vitals 2 years back I decided that I wanted to be healthy and fit from inside and since then till now my fitness routine has been such that I totally believe that it’s 80% diet and 20% workout. I have my full control of my diet which includes foods with High amount of protein along with healthy fats and carbohydrates! I regularly go to gym around 5x a week and do strength training with overload progression. Although my Favourite day is legs day!! Now staying fit is not just a hobby but my lifestyle. My days feels incomplete without any exercise! I always like to motivate people to stay fit from within because Health is wealth!

Quick ones
Favourite Holiday Destination – Amsterdam
Favourite Film – Difficult to choose from but Godfather Cast Away, Trapped and many more!
Favourite Actor – Nawazuddin Siddique, Pankaj Tripathi , Ranbir Kapoor
Favourite Actress – wAlia Bhatt
An actor you would love to romance on screen – Ranbir Kapoor🙈