Salman Khan all set to play an Army Officer in Vishnu Vardhan and Karan Johar’s upcoming project

By: Priyal Joshi

Recently, it was made public that Salman Khan and Karan Johar will collaborate on the upcoming movie from director Vishnu Vardhan. The movie, as previously reported, will begin production in November and will release in theatres  over the Christmas season.

This untitled Vishnu Vardhan film, like SherShaah, is also set against an army setting. The audience loved Vishnu Vardhan’s performance as SherShaah very much. His vision and direction of the Kargil War captivated both army authorities and even the families of a few army personnel. Salman Khan, will now portray an army officer in his upcoming film, which is also set in the backdrop of the Indian Army. Salman will be gearing up to get into a lean form for the movie before the shooting starts in November. The actor would work to get the ideal body type and physique for the movie in order to resemble the physique of Indian Army officers. He will also be seen in an Army Cut, as he was seen sporting the haircut recently. He is extremely thrilled to play an Indian Army officer in the movie.

Upcoming Vishnu Vardhan directorial has planned for it’s release over the Christmas 2024 weekend