OMG 2 box office collection day 11: Akshay Kumar’s movie faces a decline on the second Monday, earns in 3.6 crore in India

By: Priyal Joshi

After 11 days in theaters, Oh My God 2 (OMG 2) has slowed down. According to a report, the movie, which had made Rs12.06 crore nett in India on Sunday, made about 3.6 crore on its second Monday. Report further added that, Tuesday’s earnings are predicted to be on par with the film’s current total worldwide gross in India of 117.2 crore. OMG 2 generated a total of 85.05 crore in its first week at the domestic box office after debuting in India at 10.26 crore. According to a report, the movie could make 3 crore net on its second Tuesday, bringing its 12-day domestic total to 120.27 crore net.

OMG 2, which is touted as a spiritual sequel to 2012’s OMG – Oh My God, examines a variety of teenage-related topics and the significance of sex education. The movie is directed by Amit Rai and stars Yami Gautam, Akshay Kumar, and Pankaj Tripathi. In the film, Akshay Kumar plays a Shiva messenger, Pankaj portrays a Shiva devotee named Kanti Sharan Mudgal, and Yami plays a lawyer.

After the movie’s screening, the creators of OMG 2 released a video of Akshay visiting a theater and interacting with the audience. Akshay joked that OMG 2 received an A rating from the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) after asking people about the movie and suggested that schools show it