From Love to Longing, ‘Mann’ by The Yellow Diary offers a kaleidoscope of human feelings


The acclaimed Indie-Alt rock band, The Yellow Diary, is all set to take music enthusiasts on an emotional rollercoaster with their album ‘Mann’. Comprising three heart-stirring tracks – ‘Mann’, ‘Kaun Mera’ and ‘Sada’, the album offers an immersive exploration of human emotions, a quest for identity and an ode to the timeless connections.

The album ‘Mann’, is a poetic narrative that transcends language barriers and speaks to universal feelings. Each track paints a canvas of emotions, inviting listeners to delve deeper into the melodies and stories that mirror their own moments of love, introspection and longing. The album weaves tales of love, the essence of humanity and bonds that withstand the test of time.

The title track ‘Mann’ encapsulates the beauty of chance encounters featuring Tarini Shah and Moses Koul, breathing life into the heartwarming story. Showcasing how a lost diary can unite strangers in a touching friendship, the track bares authenticity of human experience. Its melodies resonate like heartbeats, revealing vulnerabilities and desires. ‘Mann’ invites introspection, urging listeners to explore their inner feelings and navigate the intricacies of the heart.

The next track ‘Kaun Mera’ echoes the universal question ‘Who are you to me?’, embarking on an introspective quest for identity and belonging. The track evokes a sense of yearning and self-discovery. While listening to track, you will be prompted to contemplate the roles people play in their lives and their lasting impressions.

Completing the three-track album, ‘Sada’ means ‘always’ in Hindi. This track captures the eternal aspect of human connections, encapsulating the enduring nature of relationships and the timeless emotions that endure throughout life’s journey.

‘Mann’ brings together the creative brilliance of the 5-member band collective, featuring Rajan Batra as lyricist and lead vocalist, Himonshu Parikh as music producer, keyboardist, and backing vocalist, Harshvardhan Gadhvi as guitarist, Sahil Shah as drummer, and bass by Stuart DaCosta. The Yellow Diary’s distinctive sound and emotional performances infuse the album with depth and soul.

Speaking excitedly about their new release, The Yellow Diary said, “Our songs are an entire experience that we curate for our audiences. With ‘Mann’ we aimed to create an intimate musical journey that resonates deeply with people from all walks of life. This album is a reflection of our search for identity and the threads that bind us. Each track is a chapter of emotions, and we can’t wait to share this experience with our listeners.”

Adding to the excitement, Tarini Shah shared“Being a part of the “Mann” music video has been an amazing experience and also a lifelong dream of mine. The way the story depicts destiny and the bond between two people, as skillfully presented by the talented members of The Yellow Diary, left me speechless. It’s been an experience in itself to be a part of this touching video that highlights the power of music in uniting individuals. I really hope that the audience finds a connection with the art produced by TYD and the entire crew.”

“Collaborating with The Yellow Diary for creating “Mann” has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I felt a profound connection with its narrative. Just as music brings hearts together, our video showcases how chance meetings can transform into meaningful friendships. I am sure that the tracks will connect to every listener”, shared Moses Koul.

The essence of ‘Mann’ is the ability to resonate with the listeners on a personal level, inviting them on a journey of self-discovery and connection, offering an intimate window into the tapestry of human experiences, that stands out from The Yellow Diary’s previous masterpieces.