Gadar 2 enters 500 crore club on Sunday

By: Priyal Joshi

Gadar 2 is currently recognized as an era-defining mega-blockbuster. Pathaan, released earlier this year, received this honor for being the first Bollywood film to accomplish this accomplishment. Even though the budget for the film was above 200 crores, the achievement with Gadar 2 is far greater because the production budget was considerably lower than even 100 crores. From that angle, the ROI is just enormous, and this one is significantly larger than numerous prior 300 Crore Club blockbusters that Bollywod has produced.

One must give credit to the Anil Sharma and ZEE Studios team to build Gadar 2 and remaining adamant that the sequel may definitely repeat Gadar’s history. Furthermore, it’s admirable that Sunny Deol joined the project and contributed his assurance that the movie could be produced and shown to fans across the nation as the next big thing.

This was once more evident on Sunday when the movie earned 7.80 crores. This is quite incredible, and the total amount collected has now surpassed 501.17 crores. Gadar 2 will even surpass the total lifetime earnings of Baahubali: The Conclusion (Hindi) this week (511 crores), and from that point on, it will start to surpass the lifetime earnings of Pathaan (Hindi), which are 524.50 crores