Jawan box office collection Day 8: Shah Rukh Khan film earns ₹16 crore on Thursday

By: Priyal Joshi

Box office revenue for Jawan: On its second Thursday, Shah Rukh Khan’s action thriller Jawan keeps going strong after ending its first week in India’s Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu markets with a total of 369.22 crore. The eighth day after its release, Atlee’s film brought in 16 crore rupees.

As a result, the updated total after Day 8 would be 386 crore, bringing the movie one step closer to the fantastic milestone of 400 crore. This amount is 7 crore less than the film’s Wednesday earnings of 23.20 crore. But it’s safe to say that Jawan has started off its second week strong. The movie made $334,476 in North America on Thursday. The current total gross is $9,675,191, or 80.37 crore. By Friday morning in North America, SRK will have two $10+ million-dollar movies in the same year, according to a tweet. A record that will live on for a very long time. That’s not all, either. On December 22nd, a movie that could become the “Number One Indian Grosser in North America” will debut.

Jawan earned 369.22 crore in its first week in India, of which 327.88 crore came from Hindi releases and 41.55 crore from Tamil and Telugu releases. In addition to its outstanding domestic box office performance, Jawan has also surpassed 650 crore globally. This film is soon expected to cross 700 cr