Kalki 2898 AD – Visually stunning but average film

Kalki 2898 AD is a visually impressive film that takes viewers on a journey to a future India filled with dazzling special effects and epic battles. The all-star cast delivers solid performances, particularly Amitabh Bachchan, who adds a strong presence to the screen.

However, the movie isn’t without its flaws. The story feels familiar at times, borrowing elements from other sci-fi films. The 3-hour runtime can be a drag, especially with some unnecessary comedic subplots that disrupt the flow. Additionally, the plot relies on some melodramatic moments that may come across as cheesy.

Overall, Kalki 2898 AD is an average experience. It’s a fun popcorn flick for those who don’t mind a long runtime and enjoy big-budget action with a mythological twist. However, those seeking a more original story or a tighter narrative might find themselves disappointed.