Dance is Amrita Joshi’s life


Actress danseuse Amrita Joshi has been dancing ever since she started walking. As a five-year old she delivered her first dance performance before an audience. That prompted her parents to take note of their ward’s talent and enroll her in a professional dance class. From there both her love as well as passion for dancing has only grown to greater heights.


After a postgraduation in media and films, Amrita joined Bollywood premiere film production company, YRF where after cutting her teeth she realised dance to be her true calling. Leaving everything behind, she immediately kickstarter her career as a dancer and full-time choreographer.


Says Amrita, ” Dance for me is a form of expression. I can perform different dance forms like Kathak, Sufi, Lavani, Contemporary and Fusion.”


Amrita also takes personal lessons in dance for the needy and she also trains models and actors who are interested in pursuing a career in dance. The dynamic danseuse also runs her own dance company called AJ the concept dance company.


Here’s wishing Amrita good luck for her future endeavours.