I would love to romance Shah Rukh Khan on screen


She sizzled the ramps in Bangalore before setting her sights on Miss Universe. Although she didn’t win the crown, she captured many hearts with her easy grace and effortless charm as India’s representative at the world beauty pageant. On the eve of India’s 67th Republic Day, we met Noyonita Lodh to learn more about herself, her life and plans ahead.


Hi Noyonita, you have a beautiful name. What does it mean?

It means beautiful eyes.

And you do have a pair of beautiful eyes…

Thank you so much.



How did modelling happen?

My dad was in Airforce and we were based in Bangalore. At a very young age, I saw Lara Dutta win and come back to Bangalore with the crown. She was from my school and her win inspired me. I always looked up to her and dreamed of going to Miss Universe contest someday. At the 17, I won a pageant and at 18, I won another one. Thereafter, I did modelling for 3 years and that gave me a lot of experience. At, 21 Miss India happened and then I went for Miss Universe.



How was your experience at Miss Universe?

Miss Universe was unbelievable. When I went it was owned by Donald Trump which meant it was luxury of another level. Also meeting girls from 88 countries was a great experience. The cultural exchange was huge. I am still in touch with many and we are planning to meet up soon. I met a lot great people, made great friends for life.


How has life changed after Miss India?

It has changed a lot. I was in my third year degree got selected at the Bangalore audition for Miss India. I then came to Mumbai and we had to undergo a month’s training under Lara Dutta. It was like a reality show were we were not allowed to use phones for a month. I did miss my family but once the training started there was no looking back. Now I have shifted base to Mumbai and have just one semester of exam left.


Is Bollywood next on cards?

Yes. I have started taking acting class workshops and dance classes.

Have you started receiving offers?

Yes, I have but there are a lot of other things that one has to look into before saying yes. So for the moment I am just biding my time while waiting for the right project to arrive.


Are you open to acting in South films as well?

Yes. I am from Bangalore and have grown up watching South Indian films.

Who is your favourite actor and actress?

SRK and Deepika Padukone.

One actor you would love to romance on screen?