An open letter to Salman Khan haters- Have you ever appreciated what he did to promote Indian athletes

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Salman’s duty was to use his popularity and promote the games and athletes. He has done that free of cost. Can we now appreciate that?

Dear Salman Khan haters,

I just have one question. Why can’t you ever focus on something positive in life ever especially when it comes to Salman Khan. You wait in hiding just for him to make a mistake so that you can bring out your ugly blunt claws and scratch him with your poisonous words and magnify it making a mountain out of a molehill.

What mistake has he done now? He got gymnast Dipa Karmakar’s name wrong. So. Don’t you forget names? Not many are good at names and celebs are no exception. Aamir Khan at a MAMI event while hosting British actor Sir Ian Mckellan forgot a whole lot of names including those of many prominent Indian directors. Is that a sin? Come on, fellas. It’s human to forget names.

Now let’s come to the haters other grouse. Salman is the IOA goodwill ambassador. Now that is what is making the entire faux pas apparently look bad. And also the fact that he thought she was going for gold but went out of contention after finishing eighth. You can’t deny the fact he has not been abreast with the developments. Can you? He got the ranking right. That is ofcourse of no one’s concern. He got the name wrong. How can he? He got the other details wrong? How can he? Let’s attack.

And all those spitting venom now, I have only question to ask you guys. Did you ever laud Salman’s efforts at promoting Indian athletes using his massively popular Twitter handle? I never saw or read any of these haters writing about it. Not a single word apart from the usual press releases.

It’s easy to run people down. It’s easy to spot so called shortcomings and hammer the nail on it. But can you do what Salman has achieved in popularising these sportsmen?Also, being India’s biggest superstar he is loaded with films, brand endorsements and other work. As a brand ambassador you liability is limited. You do keep yourself aware of things but at times it is not easy remembering every minute thing. And that is not a crime. Salman’s liability as a brand ambassador began and ended with promoting the players which he did. Now it is there time to perform and prove themselves. The actor getting the name wrong is no shame and there is absolutely no problems in forgetting a name. As Shakespeare said, ‘What’s in a name.’ Also what about the journalist who got the name herself wrong. She was an entertainment journalist who shouldn’t have perhaps asked Salman about Rio which is a sports specific question. Similarly, a Bollywood star’s clout is used by the government to promote games on a larger scale. When he agrees to do that, he does it out of his love for the country. And it is not possible for him to sit down and remember all the names or learn about the games and its history. His duty is to use his popularity and promote the games. He has done that free of cost. Can we now appreciate that?