How Anjana Reddy silenced a man for insulting Kriti Sanon 


photo courtesy DC

Anjana Reddy just showed who is the real boss when a man apparently a journalist tried to show off his extra smartness by pointing out that the little black dress worn by showstopper actress Kriti Sanon at the launch of Ms Taken was nothing new and which in his opinion was a done to death outfit.

While Kriti responded saying that a little black dress never goes out of fashion and she felt very good wearing it and got a few compliments while walking down the ramp(which she did, not few but many), the man tried to heap more insult by saying similar black dresses were available in Lokhandwala market since the last three years.(How do you know Mister? Have you worked in any of these shops?).  And this is the moment when Anjana Reddy decided to step in.

Taking the mic, Reddy replied, “I didn’t say we are reinventing fashion. I didn’t say we are reinventing fabric. I didn’t say we are doing something that’s never been done before. A little black dress is something that is edgy, something that every woman wears and it’s a classic. It’s like the denim that you are wearing . Virat wore black jeans when he walked the ramp and I think it’s cool. Certain things are classic and we like to leave it that way.”

With one answer, Reddy shut the man down. Everyone clapped and the man was shunned into oblivion. Ofcourse later on the chatter among the media fraternity was the man just moonlights as a journalist and is in reality a gatecrasher who attends events for freebies. Ofcourse these are allegations.

You rocked it Anjana. There are many who come to eat and drink at the brand’s expense and ofcourse think it polite to shower their stupidity too by asking silly questions. And this is where I think the anchor or Kriti should have taken the lead and shut him down effectively. Unfortunately the anchor who was a stand-up comedian proved that he could only work with scripted content when he blurted out Lokhandwala is the LA of…God knows what. Kriti, I don’t blame her. She is too new and not exactly an experienced hand at handling such in-your-face criticism before a live audience. You need the wit of a Shah Rukh Khan or the confidence of a Priyanka Chopra to shut such morons down. Allow me to tell you what I think should have been done.

When someone asks you a controversial question in an insulting tone, turn the spotlight on him. Confuse him by making him the center of attraction. Kriti should have first asked him to stand up so that everyone could see him and then asked him to somewhere in front of her so that both she and the cameras could see him. That would have made him jittery. So rule number one is draw the joker out of his den.

Second rule is to use wit. It’s a very handy tool in dealing with criticism. Kriti should have asked the stand up comedian-anchor, if this man was part of his team as he too does comedy well. That would made the crowd laugh.

Third was to ask him if he had done any homework about this event and if he even knew what the event was about. He would have been clueless.

Fourth was to ask him if he has a wife or girlfriend and whether they loved a little black dress.

Fifth was to tell him we may be actors or big brands but we certainly don’t differentiate the rich and poor. You may deem it fit to run down Lokhandwala market as cheap but for us as Indians, every other Indian working hard to sell his wares be it in Lokhandwala or London deserves equal respect.

Lastly, he should have been asked which portal/ publication he writes for. This is something every other media member wanted to know yesterday night.

Note: If at your future events, you need a kickass anchor or media trainer for your celeb guests, don’t hesitate to call me.