Katrina Kaif at MAMI: I don’t classify roles as glam or deglam

Katrina Kaif doesn’t believe in popular classification of roles as glamourous or deglamorous. The actress is of the strong opinion that a role is a role for her irrespective of whether she is dolled up for it or not.

Answering a fan’s question at MAMI about her inclination to take up deglamorous roles, something that she has not often done in her commercially successful career till date, Katrina said, “Sometimes stereotypes or an image which audience sees gets captured in their minds and it sticks with you. For me, there is no glamorous or deglamorous role. It is just a role. I am a woman and I can’t change the way I look.”

Katrina also went on to narrate an incident as to how one of her deglam avatars till date in Rajneeti was well-etched out sartorially because director Prakash Jha was hands-on in choosing the right costume.

“When Prakash Jha offered me Rajneeti that was a scary moment because up until that point all the other directors who I had worked with had not given attention to costumes. I am talking about Anees Bazmee and David Dhawan. Ninety percent costumes were brought by me on location during Welcome and Partner because that is what was happening at that time. When you know you are going to wear something very bad, you would probably go out and buy it yourself and wear it and make sure your character looked nice. In Rajneeti, Jha himself brought cotton sarees because he knew what he wanted. For me, if you have to classify, I think my role in Rajneeti was a completely deglamorous character.”

The Bang Bang actress feels glamour comes from within and has nothing to do with makeup or the clothes worn.
“Glamour comes from who you are. You can look completely deglamorous even while wearing the most amount of makeup and most expensive dress. It’s who you are.”

Katrina also was candid enough in admitting that many top directors were not quite attentive about the clothes worn by actors.
“For some of the directors who are part of the commercially large entertaining films, what I wore would make no difference to them. Whatever I wore they would be happy. In situations like that when I was not given any direction, I was involved. In other places, I would observe the person I am working with and if they are passionate and they are looking out for their job, then I am hundred percent happy to let go and hand over to them. I need to know someone is watching,” said Katrina.