Wrestler Sangram Singh on the true meaning of Republic Day

Republic Day is the most momentous day for India as a country. To many, it is considered as important, if not more than Independence Day itself. While the occasion is celebrated with a lot of fervour across the nation along with a grand parade, the true meaning is lost on most. Wrestler & Actor Sangram Singh has been an inspiration for athletes and youth around the nation and abroad. Sangram has always believed that rights without a sense of responsibility can quickly turn into rights.

The ace athlete shared special a message that to mark the occasion of Republic day. Sangram points out that even though we gained independence in 1947 the true sense of India was established 1950 with the implementation of our constitution.  The true way of celebrating Republic day is to understand what it means to have rights and exercise them with a sense of responsibility also laid down in the form of duties.

In the video, Sangram says, “The true meaning of freedom is when you exercise your rights in the right manner when it does not hamper with the mental, physical or economic interest of someone else”
Please check out the complete video below.