Kenisha Bhardwaj speaks about life and career

Kenisha Bhardwaj who plays Tanya Tandon in Jyoti Gupta’s Queens Hain Hum speaks about life and career

What shows have you done?
> Before Queens Hain Hum, I have done Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman, Savdhaan India and Crime patrol. I have also done a short film and a feature film as a parallel lead.
What are your character details in Queens hai Hum?
> My character name is Tanya and she is the Kitchen Queen. She is very responsible towards her family and her friends. But for her, her family is the number one priority. She is very positive, naive and innocent but a mature lady. She loves to cook for everyone and make them eat their favourite food items.
How much do you relate to the character?
> Actually 80 percent Tanya Tandon is Kenisha Bhardwaj. I love cooking. I am also very positive in real life. I also feel the same kind of responsibility for my friends and family.
How is it working with Silver Ivory Productions and Jyoti Gupta?
> It is a very co-operative production. They help us a lot. Jyoti sir is such a gentleman and he is the real king of our show.
The concept of the show is very bold. Comment.
> Yes the concept is bold. You will find all kinds of personal and professional problems in the Queens’ life. They are handling divorces, extra-marital affairs and many other such things. So yes, it is appreciated by the metro city audience. Sometimes it is very difficult for the Indian audience to digest such concepts.
The title of the show is also unique. Comment.
> We all our Queens in our respective departments like I am the kitchen queen! So yes, it is very unique. But more than that, we feel like Queens on the set!
Any interesting incident from the set?
> There are many such interesting incidents. One such is that I always faint on the set. Whenever there is violence on the set or extra heat, Tanya Tandon always faints!
Who is your favourite co-star?
> All are my favourites. But Maya (Bhavna Pani) is the closest to me. She loves me so much! And I love her unconditionally! I respect her a lot.
What feedback are you getting for your role?
> Everybody keeps calling me a natural actor! They say that they don’t feel that they are watching Tanya Tandon on screen, it is like Kenisha itself. Everyone is just loving my character!