Justin Bieber’s lip sync leaves Anurag Basu and others disappointed, didn’t expect this- Anurag Basu


Justin Bieber’s maiden concert in Mumbai left a sour taste in the mouths of many. Not many were impressed. Especially adults. Count film maker Anurag Basu as one of them. I spotted the Barfi director in the platinum stand waiting to enjoy Bieber’s performance at around 8 pm with his young daughter. 30 minutes into Bieber’s performace, a profusely sweating Basu moved out away from the center to a far flung spot far away from the maddening crowd. He had a disappointed look on his face. And it had much to do with the average performance dished out by Bieber on stage and the sweltering heat was certainly not helping matters either.

I met up with Basu post the event and a quick chat with him revealed the reason behind his quick exit. Basu who was at the concert only because his daughter is a Bieber fan shrugged his shoulders when asked if he had enjoyed the pop star’s performance. ” I would have been happy had he sang all his songs live. He sang only four songs live. The rest of it was lip-sync. An artist of his calibre should be singing live.

When asked if humidity was an issue that perhaps tired Bieber down, Basu said, ” I don’t think so. He was not prepared. He also lost the tune of his guitar.”