Loved playing a dark character in Aarambh: Haanssa Singh


Haanssa Singh’s meow made many men go weak but now it’s her slight villainy that one will get to watch courtesy television series Aarambh. In an exclusive tete-a-tete with us, Haanssa tells us more about her character.


What is Aarambh all about?

Aarambh is an epic show about Dravidian and Aryans clans and their clash written by prolific film writer Vijayendra Prasad sir who write Bahubali 1 and 2 and Bajrangi Bhaijaan among others.

Tell us about your character?

I am playing the Dravidian queen who is not in power. It’s a negative character as I am vying for the throne. Another interesting aspect is that Dravidians were a matriarch society where queen was supreme.


How did role happen?

As I am told all actors and characters are very well chosen. In my case the character chose me. As I was the last one to be confirmed for the show. Surreal as it can be but it took time to sink in. Even as we speak it’s kind of a dream. I got a call from the production house and an audition happened and before I could blink I was on board. 

Were there apprehensions about playing a negative role?

As an actor, negative or positive roles are all fine for me. But it’s people’s belief that goes a long way. And once I get selected for a role, I become one. So in this case I am portraying a queen with negative shades. And I loved playing a dark character. All different shades are chutzpah. If I am loved to be hateful I am happy.


Was it difficult wearing those fine ethnic dresses?

Aah. As heavy the jewellery and costumes drapes can be, it was beautiful and I loved getting into that costume as it was so regal. So the pain is all thwarted by only being in sync. Yes I did get bruises because of the jewellery but it’s okay.

What is the dialect you speak in the serial?

Oh it’s good old Hindi ( pure and how ) as Dravidian era was all about communication and not really the way we speak now-a-days. So it was tough to get the grasp of it.
You can’t change any word . The toughest part of acting was the language.
But guess we got to do it. Of course we tamed a bit for our viewers.

What’s happening on the Bollywood front?

I am waiting for Deepak Tijori’s film -Tom Dick and Harry to be on floor. There is another international film but I can’t really speak about it now. Another film “Chauser” made by a debutant director is under production.

Any news on Hunter 2?

Wow. Waiting for Harshvardhan to coin something new. Otherwise open to other directors to look into this. I am proving myself time and again. Now it’s time for the directors to give me a chance to prove again.