Meet Simran Vig, the woman who can train you to be a beauty queen

sim1The first time I met Simran Vig was at a high profile film event. Her good looks almost made me feel she is part of the film’s cast. Ofcourse that was not to be as she was quite contend taking care of the film’s publicity and was quite at ease handling film stars. Years later when I reconnected with her, it’s a different profile she is now adeptly taking care of – grooming beauties both young and married ones and helping them realise their dreams of becoming beauty queens. We caught up with the multi talented woman herself for a quick chat. Read on. 


How did modelling happen in your life?

There were few modelling offers  from Myntra after I won my title at Mrs India Worldwide  but that was not my line of interest.


You have been Mrs Congeniality and Mrs India world . Tell us about your experience?

Mrs.Congeniality at Mrs. India Worldwide 2016 was a dream come true that happened to me. One of my friend who was doing a pageant pushed me to contest in Mrs Gladrags in year 2014. I decided to get trained in all areas before entering a pageant . My hectic training was from three different institutes. Unfortunately Gladrags did not happen in 2016 and that’s when I got to know about Mrs. India worldwide and I applied, got selected, became a finalist and won the title.


Tell us about Absolu Elle . The name is catchy. How was it born and what is your vision?

Absolu Elle is one of the leading pageant training and personality development company in Mumbai. One thing that was on my mind when I was searching for the right name was a perfect name for a perfect woman. One day when I was in for a bath I happened to see this bright pink moisturizer tube of Versace . While reading what was written, I came across the word Absolu. I found it interesting  but not complete and that’s when my search began and I thought of many words out of which Elle was one. When you put them together, it was good. Two different French words became one name of my company. Absolu Elle is the vision of a lady having her inner force to prove to the world  that she is THE ONLY ONE.


What age groups of girls do you train. What all do you train them in?

I train girls from age group of 9 to 50. I train kids for kids fashion week, Teen princess, Campus princess, Miss and Mrs India beauty pageants. We train them in Ramp walk, Wardrobe analysis, Body beautiful, Workshop in makeup, Dining etiquette, Behaviour and mannerisms, Confidence building , Preparation of Q n A round.


I have seen few videos of your training session . Love the way you train girls to walk the ramp well. What would you say are your biggest challenges today in terms of training new girls?

My biggest challenge is to train girls of age group 9 to 15. At times they just refuse to cooperate as my training sessions are hectic and I make them walk for more than 100 times in 4 inch heels. My other challenge is when women come with baggage saying they know most of the things. To start from beginning with them is a challenge but Absolu Elle is happy with challenges as getting best results with hardwork matters here.


How do you find girls of the current generation . Would you say they are as talented and beautiful as the generation of Aishwarya Rai and Sushmita Sen?

Girls of current generation are as promising, determined and hardworking as the previous beauty queens like Aishwarya Rai and Sushmita Sen. Todays generation girls have more advantages as technology has taken over for best information and learning. So girls today are very well read and well informed about everything.


Miss India has done away with the bikini round but other pageants still have it. How important would you say is it to have a bikini round in beauty contests?

Bikini body is not easy so if a woman has worked on it with her training in gym and super control on diet she has all the reason to show. We believe in one simple thing – If you have it flaunt it.




Tell us about training Mrs. India aspirants. What are the challenges involved there?

Honestly speaking challenges with Mrs India aspirants are hardly there. The women are so organised and disciplined. They have already faced so many challenges in marriage . Pageantry is not difficult for them. They value time and money both. So I haven’t faced any challenges as of now with them.




How different is your academy from Tiara?

Comparison would not be right, We are two different individuals and two different company but the aim is same to get the best out of every pageant contestant and help them achieve what they have dared to dream, dream to win the CROWN.

Who are your meritorious students till date?

Neha Banerjee is the winner of Fem Mrs India Contest and will be representing west and central Asia in Mrs Universe. Ekta Bhaiya is second runner up of Fem Mrs India and was here training at Absolu Elle from Nagpur. Each and every student here is promising. Two words that describe them best are hardwork and dedication and they know there is no shortcut to success.


What’s coming up next?

Absolu Elle little girls are getting ready for kids fashion week. Teen Princess which is all over selection in Mumbai Schools. Preparation of contestant for Mrs Universe and other contestants getting ready for Mrs India Earth 2017, Mrs. India Worldwide 2017 and Mrs Bharat Icon 2017.Miss Asia Pacific and Miss Rajasthan.