NEERJA Actor Prashantt Guptha reprises Mohd Rafi’s BAIJU BAWRA

Known for his stellar-character performances in films like Neerja, Issaq and Identity Card, actor Prashantt Guptha will soon showcase his musical prowess by reprising a classic from the 1952 film Baiju Bawra. Through this cover album called Prashn, the actor intends to demonstrate how certain classical songs are lyrically relevant to today’s global issues and human suffering. Mohammad Rafi’s evergreen Oh duniya ke rakhwale is the first song in this initiative that Prashantt has sung and performed to. This eternal song was composed by the great Naushad and penned by the equally great Shakeel Badayuni. Apart from the fact that this is perhaps one of the most popular classic Hindi film songs, and one that would be very difficult for anyone to attempt paying a tribute to, the reason behind Prashantt choosing this particular song is because of its sheer relevance in today’s times and his personal sentiment towards calling upon God to help people and the world through all its become. “This one song soulfully addresses the voice of all those calling upon God to see the hopelessness, sadness, struggles, loneliness, depression, seeking, and heart break,” says Prashantt.
Here’s the YouTube video: