Five Reasons why Parmanu is a must watch for every Indian

By Diksha Jha

On my quest to find the best Bollywood film, or rather genre of all time, I came across the very obvious and stereotypical facts surrounding our Bollywood industry and the films it creates. With a typical mindset of living in the era of films often being characterized as Masala films, Rom-Coms, and the newly popularized Social Awareness films, the movie Parmanu was more or less like a welcome change. The film slated to release on the 25th of May is based on the Nuclear Bomb Testing Explosions that took place 20 years ago on the 11th of May 1998. While the trailer and songs in themselves are enough to create a buzz and get attention, there are a few reasons why the film, for me personally, is a must watch. So here comes my five reasons why Parmanu is a must watch for every Indian:

The very first reason why Parmanu is a must watch for every Indian is the cast of the film. John Abraham has been known to do absolute justice to all action films he has ever acted in. This movie is his full fledged return to a serious subject after a seemingly long duration. His co-star Diana Penty, who has her share of experience in films of all genres, is known to bring a power packed performance for the audience in every film she does, no matter what.

Apart from the cast, the very significance of the Nuclear Bomb Test Explosions to India’s position in the world as a superpower today is something that’s of interest to every Indian. This movie evokes a sense of patriotism even in the ones who wouldn’t necessarily call themselves patriots. Such is the movie that when you walk out of the theatre, you can’t help but be proud to be an Indian. That is my second reason.

Most films today focus on fictionalized storylines and imaginary aspects to create a dramatized and entertaining one time watch film, whereas, the script of Parmanu is 85%-90% real which makes it all the more enthralling for us as viewers because we get to look in the actual past and understand things we never thought we could. A strong reason number three to watch Parmanu.

The most brilliant part about this whole film is reason number four for me. It’s not just entertaining, but rather an educative process showcased in an entertaining manner. The film is high on information and yet simple enough to be understood by the class audiences as well as the mass audience.

Finally the fifth reason why every Indian should watch Parmanu is, the film is an ode to Atal Bihari Vajpayee, his sheer conviction to make the Pokhran tests happen; and a tribute to the absolute genius Late Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam. And if these reasons weren’t enough to win you over, watch this film for the sake of knowing a story so significant that it changed the course of our nation’s way to development and yet remained untold for the major part of the past 2 decades.