Posing nude is such a beautiful process – Tanvi Patil

Tanvi Patil is one of those rare Indian models who sees nudity as an art and is proud about her body and looks. That itself is a highly admirable quality. She is beautiful, graceful, hot and sexy all rolled into one. All of 24, this Pune based model is looking to make a name for herself in the field of modelling and acting. In an exclusive interview, Tanvi bares her heart about modeling, posing nude and her dreams.

Describe your first photoshoot?

It was two years back when I shot a portfolio in Pune at Bunty Prashant’s studio . I was very nervous while facing the camera but they helped me with the whole process also groomed me well.

You seem to be very comfortable with your body and skin which is highly admirable. Describe your first bold shoot. Were you nervous?

It was one and half year back when I shot in a revealing swimsuit . When I put it on and after make up was done, I just fell in love with myself . That’s when I discovered the real key to look beautiful is to love yourself and be yourself. And yes, I was nervous at first but as I put it on I felt like a diva .


Tell us about your first nude shoot. What made you do it and how did you prepare yourself?

I never thought about it so much. I think posing nude is such a beautiful process . You can’t hide anything from the camera as you don’t have anything on . It feels vulnerable but also connects you to your body so well . I can proudly say I’m not ashamed of my body or showing it off .

Amazing to see how nude photography and modelling is growing here, isn’t it?

Yes it is amazing but I just hope it grows more. People here think it’s demeaning to shed of your clothes in front of a camera but as an artist you might have to do it on screen and for that one should be very comfortable in their own skin . Our bodies are supposed to be valued as it’s natural . I don’t understand how that can be demeaning.

As a model what kind of concepts attract you. What do you find challenging?

The most challenging concept is creating moods and emotions. Sometimes I go for a shoot and I do have a smile on my face but maybe I’m having a bad day at home . But I can’t portray that in my pictures . So creating moods in such a mindset is a big challenge for me however I’m still learning and trying to cope up with it.

Haven’t you ever thought of trying international projects?
Yes I have. I haven’t got many offers yet but I would love to work for international brands . Who wouldn’t ?

What are your future plans. What are you working on?

I’ve a few projects in the pipeline . Can’t really disclose that but I’m still waiting and trying for my big break .

Are you auditioning for films as well?

I have always loved Bollywood and would love to work in a commercial Bollywood film but apart from that I think the kind of movies that are made these days are very inspiring . They give out a good message . Films these days are more realistic than earlier ones with typical Bollywood romance and drama. And yes I’m auditioning for films as well. Hoping to find my big break soon.


Quick five

One actor you want to romance on screen: Ranveer Singh. I love him

One photographer you can go nude for anytime: Amit khanna

Playboy, Pirelli or Penthouse: Playboy. It has been my dream to pose for Playboy.

Love or Lust: Love

If at gunpoint, you were asked to have a lesbian encounter, who would you choose and why: That’s a tough one. Maybe Lisa Haydon . I admire her a lot and I think she’s the goddess of beauty.

Professional details:

Height – 5’4
Weight – 47 kgs
Vitals – 32-26-32