Hot & Sexy Gunnjan Aras is our model of the month

She is hot, sexy and sensual and talented. While she can be the girl next door, she can also be the sizzling babe who can make any man go weak in his knees with her looks and curvy body. She is Gunnjan Aras.

How did you modeling happen in your life?

When I was crowned as Miss Indore in 2012. It is then that I realised I was meant for camera. That is how my journey started.

What do you like about modeling?

Modelling is all about confidence, style, attitude and vision. I have all these. 

Describe your first bold shoot. How did you prepare. Were you nervous?

Yes like all I was a bit nervous when I was doing my first bold shoot because it was my first time. However, I gathered all my strength and confidence and appeared for it. Then I realised shooting something bold was just a matter of professionalism in which photographer captures the hidden beauty of a model.

What did you wear in your first bold shoot?

The first letter of bold…. that is b…. so the costume also starts with b… any guesses – Bikini. 

You have a great bikini body. Tell us how do you maintain it?

Seriously speaking. I am too lazy to go to gym or yoga. I am a foodie and I can’t control eating but yes I regularly consume black coffee, green tea and I drink lots of water to avoid bloating. Rest is god gifted. And I am curvy n voluptuous and people love me because of my curves. It is different.

In your curves, what would say is the most sexy and hottest?

I think you should ask this question to the audience as they are the viewers. But according to me I am hot completely.

Tell us about the boldest shoot you have done till now?

Well I have done many but now I will be doing body paint for the first time and that will be my boldest shoot.

What is the best compliment you have received for your body?

 Well the best compliment I have received is for my heart and not body…😜 girl with a golden heart. And if we talk about the body, all say the same thing – combo of cuteness and seduction 😉

Tell me about your first international art shoot?

That was totally new experience for me. I was nervous but excited too. I louv the professional attitude those people carry which makes the model so comfortable to pose freely.

Quick bytes:

Love: Waste of time and energy

Sex: Feeling of unconditional bond between two individuals

One actor you want to romance; Shahid Kapoor

Hottest woman in the world – Me

if given a chance to pose nude for playboy, you will : I will say no

Professional details

Height :- 5.3
Weight :-50 kg
Vitals :-34-28-36

About the photographer:  Piyush Khatri is an Indore based photographer. Photography for him is like a painting. The image is first created in the mind of an artist then it is put on canvas . So that anyone who sees the art enjoys it the way the artist imagined or in their own perspective.