Four reasons why “The Insiders – a TVF Original and MX Exclusive”, should be your binge this weekend!

Remember the time when you and your club of insiders would huddle together to discuss anything under the sun? This weekend, it’s time to be an insider again and relive your teenage shenanigans with The Insiders – a TVF Original and MX Exclusive! From its relatable characters to its fast-paced jokes, the show will take you through a journey that you have been through while growing up.

Here are 4 reasons why you should binge watch this new web series.

  1. Cause everyone deserves an escape route: Whether you want to destress from work or simply get away from your parents like Shiv, Rabbi and Aneesh do in the series – this show strikes the chord with you no matter the age. The special group of friends (who hasn’t had one of these?!), the inside jokes, the conspiracies, the fantasies, and the mutual dislikes, the show encapsulates it all and invites you to be a member this weekend.


  1. Every club has these personality types: Every secret group has characters likeShiv – who is the cool, calm and composed person, Aneesh who is the introvert, Rabbi who is on a high even when sober and and Shravya who has the best taste in music! The show beautifully brings out peculiar characteristics from each of the protagonists, taking us back to our weird group of friends.
  1. 5-episodic series: Yes, you read it right. They’re short, 20 minute, snackable episodes that capture the essence of practically everyone’s teen age. And once you’re done with all five episodes, you will want to watch them all over again, we promise. 
  2. You can watch them for free: Now, what more can one ask for? All five episodes are out on MX Player and TVF Play and you can watch them for free!

Here’s the trailer, in case you need more inspiration.

The Insiders is a quirky teenage drama show that follows the lives of 4 young teenagers who start a self-proclaimed club that meets every weekend, just to kill time while their parents hang out. The five-episodic series takes you on an adventure of how Shiv, Rabbi, Aneesh and Shravya deal with unexpected situations as their imaginations take the most bizarre turns each time they meet. The show stars Omkar Kulkarni, Ritvik Joshi, Arnav Bhasin and Himika Bose in the lead.