‘Aithey Aa’ Review : the song from ‘Bharat’ lacks that 80’s magic. 

By Riya Paul

To be able to charm the present gen with exactly how an era was before them and trying to charm the present gen by infusing modern style with a periodic time to appear more affable ,are totally two different things.

The song ‘Aithey Aa’ from Bharat goes for the latter – in doing so ,the exact point behind picturing a song in a particular period i.e.the 80’s is robbed – thanks to a choreography similar to belly dancing in a saree, that too in a desi wedding scene.

The song opens with an announcement of the year when India bagged the Cricket World Cup for the first time – year 1983. The 80’s is synonymous for its ‘dina- din -daa’ music as opposed to more subdued form of creation shown here – that too for a boisterous wedding.

‘Hinglish’ has been gaining momentum since 50’s,thus one element has been incorporated well. But similar lyrics have been so much in misuse these days, that it doesn’t leave much to make it a stand out – making it like any other song which belongs to today.

On the brighter side though, the chemistry between Kaif and Khan is what saves the viewers. Their chemistry is a perfect amalgamation of cute and comic timings. The art involved is spot on – it does emanate the periodic feel along with the kaleidocope images which keep popping up in between, just like the typical 80’s Bollywood films.