In the last two years, Punjabi music has taken the music industry by storm: Meet Bros.

By Riya Paul

Meet the brothers Manmeet Singh and Harmeet Singh a.k.a ‘Meet Bros’ who belted out chart toppers like ‘Baby Doll’ pictured on Sunny Leone in ‘Ragini MMS 2 ‘and ‘Chittiyaan Kalaiyaa’ pictured on Jacquline Fernandes in the film ‘Roy’. The famed music duo has been setting the trend one after the other over the years and this time their latest release, aptly titled ‘Assi Trendsetter’ – a work featuring, renowned Pakistani -American rapper Bohemia – is set to do the same. Bollywoodwallah catches up with the gifted duo, in a candid chat to know more about their latest track.

Q.What is the inspiration or rather the motivation behind penning your latest release ’Assi Trendsetter ‘?

MS :  Usually as music directors we make songs for a particular situation like how it’s done in movies or you just make it for people to have fun and even like in the current scenario ,songs which people find relatable. But ’Assi Trendsetter’ is more about who we both are as a person, Harmeet and I both hail from small town and we are both ‘desi’ at heart . We have always believed that brands don’t make us, brands don’t decide who we are; speaking of which the lyrics here convey that are ‘ joottis’ are cooler than shoes and sneakers and tractors are more stylish and even bulkier than cars and limousines. We believe more in friendship and  our bond with our family and our friends of paramount importance than any prevailing fashion and that itself is a trend – we try to make that cool, that is to be comfortable in your own skin a trend in itself.

Q.Around this time you have collaborated with Bohemia. How was your experience working with him ?

HS : See this is obviously a song which conveys Punjabi style in every sense, and as you can see in this country in previous couple of years  Punjabi music  has taken the music industry by storm. Being in this industry every person tries to give back something very different to the audience every time, so the idea of doing a collab with Bohemia gave it a very international touch, given that he himself has a diverse background. Moreover, he has the youth’s attention. Obviously there are many rappers but he is a Canadian rapper and to fuse in a trendsetting song with a Canadian rapper is something definitely catchy. So when we approached him he was eager on the spot, along with that he has got a huge fan following, people put ttatoos of him on his body! So it came as a surprise for us when a guy of that stature being very humble and even respectful ,he instantly said yes-soon we turned like this clan of brothers working together . Moreover, the moment we have a different energy coming into your own band it rejuvenates our own identity,it’s like Canada meets the Meet Bros – and the kind of rap he has done with that right attitude;he included a right dose of teasing- so this is our new’ tadka’ which we added and with bohemia who is a legendary rapper it’s definitely gone up a notch. Obviously he is yet to be a rage here in India but his potential is as good as any other top rapper. We just loved working with him ,he is down to earth and respectful not only to us but to everyone in the shooting.

Q. Your collaboration with Kanika Kapoor is famous. Fans are eager to know when will you be collaborating with her next.

MS : After ‘Thaade Rahiyo’ and  ‘Nachdi Firangi’ which were the last singles which we did with her, now it has become a regular for us to work  at least two, three songs every year, but regardless of that we keep working and try out different styles together whenever we can – and very soon enough let’s say within two to three months our next project with her will be released as well.

Q.Other than this, what are the next projects you are currently working on?

MS:  As of now we are planning to release ten to twelve tracks including a lot of romantic numbers especially after our work ‘Mujhe Kaise Patta Na Chala’ became viral and went on to become one of the most streamed songs on ‘Gaana’- it reached the number one position in fact, which felt really great. For a new music label getting ‘Gaana’ award was indeed considered a big achievement as it happens only once in a blue moon. It only pushes us further and further to do better songs with every coming year. Then comes themes associated with parties – where yet again people have associated with us in that. Given the generation, people just love partying and chilling out and that’s where our songs have made a connect too.

Q.You both started out as actors how has been your transition to the music industry?

HS: Yes we did start out as actors, mainly working for Hindi serials like’ Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’ and the likes. While we started out as actors we were trying various other art forms side by side including music – we really experimented with everything creative, we didn’t have a definite conventional plan with us either- like how one person does IAS, gets into a government job with a a fixed salary and then retire. Now that we look back we do feel blessed to have made it this far, to have started a music label which aims to bring in new talent as well, to have collected achievements and recognition because this is an industry where  there is no career counselling or not even a person to guide us in the right direction . It is like taking a plunge in a very dark jungle. So yes, it has been a roller coaster ride for us, right from our father’s liquor business to opening a radio station and then launching a label, it was a maze a puzzle we had to solve it out for ourselves and we took baby steps into it, thus while we were still acting we never thought we might one day pursue music as a definite profession. Ever since ‘Baby Doll’ became viral we decided that this is where we belong and then there was no turning back, that one particular moment of recognition made us realize a lot of things and since then we have stayed on.

Q.Whom do you consider as your inspiration from the music industry?

MS: No one. Our parents are our sole inspiration as they are outright hard working and we are here today because of them.